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Simple, ready to use bundle customized with your existing curriculum

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Components of the Connected Apprentice

Creating a Successful Training System

Discounted iPads

  • Preloaded & ready to use out of the box.
  • Any quantity
  • Any model

Admin Training

Administrators are trained to control devices, manage content, push updates and other essential functions.

Content Control

Preloads from curated list of industry-specific apps + your additional requests.  

Add content at any time over-the-air. 

Mobile Device Management

Powerful, easy-to-learn centralized device management.  One dashboard monitors and controls 5-5000 devices.


Responsive US-based support means you always have somewhere to turn.

Additional Options

Asset Tagging

(98% of clients order this optional feature)
4x serial barcodes: device rear, package exterior, 2x per protective case

From $19/device

Custom Branding

(70% of clients order this optional feature)
Boost your brand for a powerful impression.

From $24/device

Protective Cases

(94% of clients order this optional feature)
Protect your devices from water, dust, and drops with OtterBox cases.

From $79/device

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